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Rentals and parking
Credit application - Rentals - $30.00 fee

Financial Aid Statement is required for all applicants.

Tenant information:

per month semester
Please include City, State and Zip code on the Address line. Remember: at least one parent's Social Security Number is required to complete application.

Parental information:

Parental information:

Security deposits are due upon signing the lease. All parents must sign an addendum to the lease claiming repsonsibility for their student. Leases are joint and several. By signing this application, I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and that this application has been submitted so that credit reports can and will be obtained. I also understand that $30.00 fee for processing this application is non-refundable in the event I do not pursue a rental agreement.

Why us?
Our rental properties include:

Houses and Apartments avaliable

Free Cable and Internet

Premium Furniture

Parking Close to Campus

24 Hour Maintenance

Safety and Security Surveilance